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My Loudonville home Office is almost complete. 7 Photos

This was a fun undertaking. "M" spends a lot of time at her desk working from home so wanted a sort of Oasis, something relaxing yet functional. She also wanted to incorporate some of her own pieces such as the Hunt Board she inherited along with the Art work and some old Coral she had collected and wanted to re purpose the drapes I had designed for her master Bedroom as we are starting to remodel it and she loves them. Other than that she was open to ideas. I agreed that her pieces could work here. The Art work was the other piece that needed to work so I decide to build the colors of the space around it. First we needed an area rug to add some color without over powering the space or making the room seem smaller and protect the floor. I decided to build colors around the artwork and found this Tribal Area rug in soft Aqua Beige and Ivory to be the perfect fit without matching exactly. I always like to incorporate different styles and eras to add interest to the eye. Something old, something new, something modern something classical. M also had an inherited a Love seat that she wanted to use if it would fit. As you can see, we placed if opposite her desk, but first it needed to be reupholstered. We chose a white Velvet for texture and comfort. Now what a bout a desk you ask? Well after much thought and looking around we settled on this all glass desk which kind of disappears in the space. it was a find at Homegoods believe it or not. M Also wanted a TV but again dint want it to be an eye sore. Placing it own the wall next to her desk made it work and she can watch form both her desk and the Love seat. M insisted on a dramatic chandelier for over her desk. That took the longest and I felt the room needed a touch of black, so off I went on my search for the perfect Chandelier. I was ecstatic when found the Galahad chandelier by Currey and Co. It literally finished the space!