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Lighting design what is it and why do you need it?

February 19, 2024
Southwest living room photo in Other

These (bespoke) medieval style, lights here were custom made to scale for this particular space. These replaced smaller scale, colonial brass, chandeliers that not only did not offer enough light, but were not aesthetically correct in size, design, or style for this Adirondack/mission style, Lake-George home.

Questions to ask when considering lighting:

1. How much light do you need? For instance, Do you read books etc.? Do you have extra tall ceilings that require lighting to push downward and fill the space?

2. What type of lighting; general, ambient or task, such as recessed, pendants, sconces, floor lamps, table lamps, chandeliers.

3. What styles do you need and like? What styles would look best? Colonial, mid century modern, medieval, Victorian, tiffany, art deco to name a few?

4..How large or small should the fixtures be?

5. What color temperature works best in the environment/space? Warm,cool, somewhere in between?